Four Card Poker combinations and rules

Traditionally, Poker is played with 5 cards, but the Four Card Poker is also known in the gambling world. This is a relatively new discipline and it is not met in Poker rooms. It is presented at online casinos in the sections with Video Poker.

Each user plays against the dealer. As in any other game of this type, the task of the future winner is to get the best hand.

Four Card Poker features

The game is played with a 52-cards deck. The dealer gives five cards to the player, but they have the right to use only four of them to build a combination. As in the 3-card variant, the card exchange is not allowed here.

Variety of bets

There are several types of bets here:

  • Ante — the starting rate. If the gamer wins, the pay ratio will be 1: 1.
  • Play — Four Cards Poker player places this bet after evaluating the deal. The cost of a Play bet can vary between 1 and 3 Antes.
  • Aces Up — an optional bet. It will be winning only if the user forms a hand consisting of a pair of Aces, or has a more valuable alignment. If the user’s hand complies with the conditions of Aces Up, then the payout on the bet will be made even if the hand is lost.


Four Card Poker rules are pretty simple. The game starts when the user places a bet on the corresponding field. If a player wants to use the Aces Up, they also use a special field. Both bets must be of the same size.

The players are entitled to 5 cards, and the dealer gets 6. The last dealer card will be open. Having appreciated its value, gamers will be able to assess their chances of success. Having determined the strength of their hand, the gamer can either continue the game or fold. If they choose the second, they will lose all their bets. In order for the Four Card Poker online player to be able to continue the game, they must bet Play.

Cards combinations

The main Four Card Poker strategy is to remember the combinations of the cards.

  1. High card (kicker). It is used when not a single winning combination has been developed.
  2. Pair. Two cards of equal face value, plus two kickers needed in contentious situations.
  3. 2 pairs. Already two cards of equal value.
  4. Straight. 4 cards coming in nominal order.
  5. Flush. 4 suited cards of any rank. If they match, the face value is compared.
  6. Set. 3 cards of equal value and 1 kicker.
  7. Straight flush. 4 suited cards in order.
  8. Four of a kind. 4 cards of the same face value.

Besides, training lets a player win more often. The more they play, the bigger the chances to make the best hand they get.

Types of this game

It can be played in land casinos and online, but mobile players also have chances to try it using their phones. To do it, they need to download the apk file and play it for free coins and bonuses in a fun mode; if the casino game is chosen, it can be played with a bonus, but wager requirements should be considered.

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