Four card poker online real money overview

This is one of the simplest and quickest poker type’s games. Its rules allow to get to grips with it pretty quickly, so lots of casinos and online gambling resources offer this game to their clients. When it comes to play four card poker online real money, players pit against the dealer, whereas the objective of the game is to make four-card poker hand. Just I like blackjack, a player needs to beat the dealer and not the other players. Here, it is roughly the same principle that applies into the foundation of the game.

How to play

The rules are relatively simple but it is important to explain everything in details. They can be defined as follows:

  • When the game commences it is required to make the ante wager.
  • Also Aces up wager can be made but ante is important.
  • Every individual gets five cards, whereas the dealer gets six with one being faced up – this is the advantage for the house.
  • After seeing your cards and the faced up card of the dealer making bet is required.
  • Play is allowed to fold but in this case the ante wager and Ace wager will be lost.
  • In the other hand make a bet that exceeds you current bet by 1-3 times.
  • When bets are made, a player folds one of the cards and shows his best four hands poker combination.
  • The best hands in four card poker online real money can be defined as: Four of a kind, Straight flush, Three of a kind, Flush, Straight, Two pair, One pair, High card, royal flush is not defined in this game.
  • Then, the dealer opens up his six cards and selects four hands poker.
  • Afterwards a dealer selects each player and decides whether players’ hands are better than the house hands.
  • If dealer`s hands are higher than the players then the bet and its rise will be lost.
  • If player’s hand is equal or better to the dealer’s hand, then 1 to 1 on the ante and rise will be received.
  • In four card poker online real money if a player gets three cards – three of a kind or even better, a bonus will be received even in the case if dealer’s hand beats the player.
  • The bonus for three of a kind pays 2 to1, straight flush 20 to1 and four of a kind 25 to /
  • If a player bets with Aces up then the dealer can be beaten even with upper hand.
  • Bonus for pair of Aces is paid for Ace wagers and its size differs in different casinos.

The rules are pretty simple and high frequency is guaranteed in this type of poker.

Four cards poker slots, which are the best

There are quite a lot of places where people can play four card poker real money. Every casino offers its own version with some interface specialties as well as different terms for joining in. It is recommended to apply for a membership to a respectful casino where decent bonuses can also be received. Here are some of them:


The above mentioned online gambling resources provide great odds to play four card poker online casino game real money. There are also lots of other websites that offer flexible terms and decent rewards.

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