Four card poker strategy, what you need to know to win

Four card poker has appeared recently and is not available in all online casinos. The inventor of this game is considered to be Roger Snow, an employee of Shuffle Master.

Four-card poker has similarities with Three-card poker, however, the game has a number of points that significantly distinguish it from the rest of the diversity of the family of poker games. In this article, we will analyze four card poker strategy and important nuances.

Types of four card poker strategy

To play poker with four cards, the standard type of poker deck with 52 cards is used. In addition, you need a table with special markup for bets. The game is played against the dealer. To win it, the player must collect a combination higher than that of the dealer.

Let’s look at the four card poker strategy wager types:

  1. Ante – the initial bet that is placed before the cards are dealt to the player. In case of winning, payment is made in a ratio of 1 to 1.
  2. Play – a bet that a player makes after evaluating a hand. Its cost can be from one to three antes. If the player wins, it is paid 1 to 1.
  3. Aces Up – this rate is not among the mandatory. Her player can do as he wishes. She wins only if the player collects a combination of two aces or a more valuable set of cards. Payment at the Aces and Above rate is made regardless of the outcome of the game. Even after losing the hand, the player will receive a payout at this bet if his combination meets the requirements of Aces Up.

Best slots for four card poker strategy

Poker is the most popular card game that connoisseurs appreciate for the variety of combinations and the wealth of tactical decisions. Let’s look at the most popular slots for four card poker strategy.

Joker 4-Hand Poker

Joker 4 Hand Poker is made up of 4 hands or lines. This is convenient, since it turns out four attempts per circle, but it also costs additional costs. Lines cannot be disabled. The deck consists of 53 cards – 52 standard sheets plus one joker, which replaces any card to form the best winning hand.

In the first round of trading it is allowed to hold any card in any quantity. After the first round, the player can turn to an expert computer assessment of the combination provided by the developers. Joker 4 Hand Poker has a risky double game. Four card poker strategy, which is given above will help to win on this slot.

Quadruple Play Poker

Quadruple Play Poker stands out from the crowd as it allows players to use 4 hands at once to win. Play with four hands at the same time with bets of up to several coins per hand and experience the different options of video poker in one package.

Deuces Wild 4 Hand Poker

This slot is a variation of video poker from leading manufacturer Tom Horn Gaming. There are 10 winning matches that distinguish it from the classic version. On the left is the playing field itself. It contains several card layouts.

Each hand will include 5 cards face down. At the bottom there is a control panel, the buttons on it are used to perform basic actions. Deal – distribution of cards. Double – double the rate. Collect – cancel.

Four card poker strategy

Today on the Internet you can find many expert four card poker strategies, however we would like to give one of the most popular for gambling. It’s called crazy four card poker strategy.

  • If the player has A, K, J, 9 and lower in his hands, it is better to fold, since with such cards the chance of winning is very small.
  • A pair of twos or A, K, Q – you should bet 1 to 1 if the dealer has a card of a similar rank, otherwise you should discard your cards.
  • A pair of triples – place a bet 1 to 1. However, if the croupier has a jack and you have a high card of a dozen or lower, then it is better to end the game by dropping your hand.
  • A pair of fours to sevens – put 1 to 1.
  • A pair of eights – place a bet 1 to 1, and if the dealer has an open card deuce, then increase the bet to 3 Antes.
  • A pair of nine or ten – bet 1 to 1 if the dealer has an open card higher at face value than your combination. If it is lower, then bet 1 to 3.
  • A pair from a queen to aces or a combination above – put 3 to 1.

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