Texas Hold’em Poker: Rules, Hand Ranking, Newbie Strategy Tips

Although Texas Hold’em is among the least demanding poker games to learn, every novice player must devote some time to studying the basics. Below is what you must know before joining a table of Texas Holdem poker: gameplay sequence and rules, hand rankings, and strategic tips that will help you do well as a poker beginner.

How To Play Texas Holdem Poker: Rules And Strategy Guidelines

A game of Texas Holdem starts with two forced wagers called the Blinds and takes place in several stages:

  1. Pre-Flop. The dealer delivers the hole cards – 2 face-down cards to each player. You keep these cards hidden from the eyes of other players.
  2. Flop. Three cards are placed on the table face-up. These are the community cards; every player can use them.
  3. Turn. One more community card goes on the table.
  4. River. The last, fifth board card is placed on the table.

A betting round concludes each stage. After the River and the subsequent betting, the Showdown stage ensues. Everyone reveals their hands and the pot goes to whoever holds the strongest hand.

5 Perfect Strategy Tips For A Novice In Texas Holdem Poker

Study the strategic tips outlined below to feel confident at a Texas Holdem table.

  1. Choose your opening hands carefully. Opt for the most reliable ones that can make you money regardless of the situation.
  2. Pay close attention to the action at the table and take it into account when choosing the size of your bet.
  3. Avoid “limping” – which is entering the pot with a “call” bet (matching the big blind) rather than a “raise” bet. It’s usually better to fold if you don’t feel like raising.
  4. Learn to distinguish poor hands and know when to fold to minimize your losses.
  5. Take advantage of your position. In Texas Holdem poker, the advantageous position is that which allows you to observe the actions of opponents before acting yourself.

As far as strategy goes, these are the five key areas on which you should concentrate during the game.

The Order Of Hands In Texas Holdem Poker

Let’s overview the order of hands in Texas Holdem from lowest to highest, as well as the probability of ending up with a specific hand.

  1. No Pair – 50.1177% – When there isn’t any combination, your hand ranks by its highest-value card.
  2. Pair – 42.2569% – 2 cards in your hand have the same rank.
  3. Two Pair – 4.7539% – Your hand includes 2 same-rank cards and 2 more same-rank cards.
  4. 3 of a Kind – 2.1128% – Your hand contains 3 same-rank cards.
  5. Straight – 0.3925% – The cards in your hand rank consecutively but are of different suits.
  6. Flush – 0.1965% – All cards in your hand belong to the same suit.
  7. Full House – 0.1441% – Your hand consists of two lower-ranking hands: a Pair and a 3 of a Kind.
  8. 4 of a Kind – 0.0240% – 4 cards in your hand have the same ranks.
  9. Straight Flush – 0.00139% – Your hand is composed of same-suit cards that rank consecutively.
  10. Royal Flush – 0.000154% – Your hand consists of A, K, Q, J, 10 – all of the same suit.

The popular culture makes Royal Flush appear in almost every Texas Holdem poker scene. In fact, this combination has extremely low odds of 649,739:1.

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