Video poker: classic free games and how to win big in video poker

Not all people love multiplayer games. This is not surprising, since playing with other people can create a number of inconveniences. For example, a player might not show up on time, leave the table, or put pressure on you, causing unnecessary stress. What to do for those gamblers who love poker but are tired of playing with real people? The simplest solution is video poker slots. These are slot machines for one person, which you can play both in a real casino and online at home.

There are several categories of video poker: classic, modern, progressive payouts, with Wilds and other bonuses. Each of these slots has its own unique feature, but in general, the rules of the game and the gameplay do not change in any way. At home, poker slots can be played in an online browser, with an app for a mobile phone or with a download client for your PC. These are not the usual slots that you are used to playing. In this game you can change your hand and the outcome of the round depends on you, just like in real poker.

Free classic video poker games

Let’s take a quick look at the poker machine rules. The player makes a spin and receives 5 random cards. You can keep your hand or shuffle some of these cards in order to make a good combo. After the shuffle, you get an instant payout for the combo you were able to get. There are also several classic types of free video poker, each with its own unique rules:

  • Jacks or Better. One of the most common versions you will find in any casino or gaming app. By the rules of the game, you receive a winning every time you finish a round with a pair of Jacks or better.
  • Deuces Wild. Wilds are a game mechanic that slot players are familiar with. In this type of game, Wild is a card 2 and it substitutes any other card in a combo.
  • Joker’s Wild. The rules of this game are almost the same as in the previous version. But, Jokers are added to the deck, which act as Wilds.

If you want an authentic poker experience then choose any of these three games. Most importantly, they are all available for free.

Video poker games with huge jackpots

Do you like to play high? Taking risks, placing big bets and enjoying huge wins? Then you should start playing video poker with bonuses and giant jackpots. How it works? There are types of video slots that give you more wins than usual for certain cards or combos.

In addition, there are progressive games. When you play progressive jackpot poker, you see an ever-increasing amount in the corner of the screen. The longer you play, the more this amount becomes. If you can hit the right combo for a progressive, you can win x600 from your bet, or even x1200. Poker slots with big payouts:

  1. Double Bonus. Find a combo of 4 Aces and you will get x800 from your bet. And for a royal flush combo you can get up to x5000.
  2. Double Double Bonus. Video poker with more complex requirements. You can get big winnings with four Aces, four 2, 3 or 4 with an Ace, or four Aces with 2, 3, or 4.
  3. Progressive poker. The payout for a royal flush increases with each spin you spin. Hit this combo and you will get from x250 to x4,000 from your bet.

Try your luck and maybe you will become the lucky one who will receive several million in just one spin.

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